Our fourth season at Kursi Beach for volunteers will run from the 28th of October to the 17th of December 2020.

If you would like to volunteer for this , or any future seasons, please fill in the form below and hit the button at the end to SUBMIT:


Kursi Beach Excavation Volunteers have a great time! Here are a few of our volunteers, sharing their experience with you.


The accommodation in the hostel at Ein Gev kibbutz is simple but clean, and only five minutes away from the dig site. The kibbutz is a 20-min. drive from Tiberias and 1.2 hr. from Haifa. Rooms are shared between two or three occupants, but we will try to accommodate couples if we can. All rooms are air conditioned and weekend laundry services are provided free of charge.

Disability inclusion

We intend to make this dig as accessible for disability as possible. Please tell us about any special needs you have when you fill in the form and we will do our best to accommodate them.

Bring it with you

The Galilee area is not overly hot in the winter months with temperatures of about 20 c during the day and 12c at night. You will needs jeans/shorts and sun hats for the days and light jackets and woollens for the evenings. You may be able to swim (only if you are a competent and independent swimmer) in the Sea of Galilee or in a pool, so bring a swimming costume. You will need gloves to protect your hands. This is very dirty work so be aware that you should bring old loose-fitting clothes for excavation work. There are mosquitoes present in the evenings so bring repellent if you choose. Mobile phone signal in the dig area is good but there is no electricity available so bring spare batteries or chargers. Local SIM cards can be bought at the airport or in Tiberias.

What will you be expected to do?

If you are an experienced volunteer you will know what you can contribute. For new volunteers: If you are physically strong you may be asked to clear vegetation, lift rocks, dig in the squares and carry out many more challenging tasks. If you are less physically strong you could be asked to sift soil from the squares and look for finds, wash pottery finds or record finds. Mostly you will be expected to work hard and have a lot of fun.

We work from Sunday to Thursday, from 7am to 4.00pm, with breaks for breakfast and lunch. After this we eat together, discuss the days’ findings and process the data. At the weekends we enjoy tours, lectures and time off!

Cost & Application Procedure (minimum of 1 weeks stay, session 1 to 7)

Per week participation = US$600 (may be paid in your own currency)

This cost includes full board and lodging in the Kibbutz in air-conditioned rooms including weekends (3 meals a day, expedition tours, leisure activity, lectures, etc.).
Participants should complete and submit the Application form and payment no later than October 1st. 2020.

All payments should be made by money transfer ONLY.

Once wired please email us the exact sum and date of the transfer.

You must provide proof of full medical insurance.

Refund policy:

95% Refundable! (5% Bank and general expenses)

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Why I volunteer

Why I volunteer