Kursi Beach ExcavationKursi Beach Excavation


Haim Cohen and the Area Manager for Area B, Eran, stand on the stone step (with a groove carved into it for the door) at the entrance to the old synagogue.

The entrance faces Jerusalem in the north, and there are pomegranates in the mosaics to either side. Further beautiful mosaics have survived earthquakes, mudslides, the ravages of the years and the occupation of the building by unsympathetic groups of humans. This season has revealed the ancient walls and floors as well.

Standing on the wall facing the Sea of Galilee, it’s easy to imagine how beautiful and peaceful it must have been to come here to pray and commune with God with the sea lapping at the shore only metres away. The location of the building is truly spectacular: the cormorants gather on the water, attracted by the plentitude of fish, birds sing in the ancient olive trees, and the sun sparkles off the waves. Far away across the water, Tiberius dreams on its hill in the afternoon sun.

Chin Chin sorting and marking pottery
A spectacular setting for the old synagogue
Professor Michal Artzy reading pottery under the olive tree near the sea shore
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  • Ethel Kramer
    1:17 PM - 19 January, 2018

    What wonderful finds at Kursi!
    So glad I had the opportunity to participate last year.
    Great work.

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The Entrance to the Synagogue