Kursi Beach ExcavationKursi Beach Excavation


Pillar emerges from the dirt

This beautiful pillar has been steadily emerging form the dirt over the past two weeks, thanks to efforts of the volunteers and archaeologists at Kursi Beach Excavation. Is it the entrance to a Synagogue, a Church or something else? We’re all longing to find out! So far, all the evidence is pointing to a public building with a religious flavour. As the days go by, the dirt and rocks are cleared, and the site reveals its true beauty. There are many more pillars on the site, but most of them are much plainer than this one. It’ll be great to see what they used to hold up, what entrance they marked and who put them there.


Kursi Beach excavation to expand in the third season

The 3rd excavation season has started at Kursi Beach, and is already yielding a lot of new information and finds.
Our friend and colleague, Iddo Katz will manage the excavation, headed by Prof. Michal Artzy and Dr. Haim Cohen of the University of Haifa.

The excavation is now expanding and a new stage is beginning:

Tel Kursi, located at the southern part of the site, is a multi-layered mound from the Bronze Age that has never been excavated before.
The city of Kursi was then an important western gateway to the eastern and northern kingdoms of the region.
This part of the excavation will be jointly carried out by archaeologist Prof. Liu of Sun Yat-sen University in China.

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The Mosaic Season
The third season – 2017 by Dr Haim Cohen
Pillar emerges from the dirt
Volunteers in the Holy land
Washing pottery in the Sea of Galilee
An unusual breakfast guest at Kursi Beach Excavation
Chinese archaeologists at Kursi Beach
Schoolchildren at Kursi Beach
Schoolchildren uncover ancient pillars at Kursi Beach
Coins keep popping up
Kursi Beach excavation to expand in the third season